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We do all sorts of stucco work. Whether it be siding, repair work, painting or any other type of stucco application, we are the company that will best serve you. We service the greater Colorado Springs area. 

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Welcome to Stucco The Springs. We have been serving the Colorado Springs area with quality stucco and plastering services for many years. Our contractors have years of experience with both residential and commercial projects. Our top priority is committed to expert workmanship, service and professional quality. We make our customers feel just like family and included in every aspect of their project.

We offer many different finish types. It doesn’t matter what type of texture you choose, stone veneer, plaster, you’ll get a timeless  and natural look that will be sure to turn heads! 

Customer service is our top priority with quality checks being done every step of the way. When you choose Stucco The Springs you can rest assured that your home or property is in good hands. We ensure that your structure stays elegantly intact for many more years to come.

All of our estimators are certified and have years of experience in the field getting hands on with all different types of stucco. We make certain this skill so you understand that our team thoroughly is aware of stucco systems and can decipher exactly what a stucco inspector is looking for in a report. This way, we know exactly what to repair. 

Is your home experiencing signs or wear and tear? Hairline cracks are a common symptom of this. Stucco The Springs can fix that! Blistering, chipping or peeling? We’ve got you covered. Are you looking to enhance the paint of your home? We’re your guys!

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We inspect your property for deep cracking and surface blemishes before starting any work. Our goal is to always try and save you money in the long run. We handle stucco installation on new construction but we pride ourselves on helping people with minor repairs before things get out of control. 

High quality stucco work should add quality to your property, increase curb appeal and be low maintenance for many years to come. We have years of experience in the residential stucco world to articulate exactly what you are looking for.

At Stucco The Springs, we take pride in being a recognized business in Colorado Springs that focuses on providing stucco services for commercial projects. We have a solid reputation in the neighborhood as a provider of first-rate stucco installation services thanks to our dedication to quality and experience. We employ a team of highly qualified and trained professionals with years of experience in the sector since we recognize that commercial installation is a difficult process that calls for knowledge and experience. To ensure that every job is finished to the best standard possible, we use the most recent methods and technology. We are prepared to provide our clients with the best installation services thanks to our knowledge and experience. 

Stucco the Springs is your trusted expert when it comes to installing Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) in Colorado Springs. EIFS is a popular and versatile cladding system that offers both insulation and an aesthetically pleasing finish to buildings. You can expect a seamless and professional process from start to finish. Our skilled team has extensive experience in working with EIFS and follows industry best practices to ensure a flawless installation. First, we begin by carefully assessing your property and understanding your specific requirements. Our team will guide you through the available options and help you choose the right EIFS system that meets your needs in terms of insulation, durability, and visual appeal.

A typical architectural feature used in building construction is a stucco parapet wall. It is a wall extension that rises vertically over the roofline and is frequently found at the edge of a flat roof. The parapet wall contributes to the overall style of the structure while also serving as a safety barrier against falls from the roof. Stucco the Springs may help with parapet walls in a number of different ways. We can create brand-new parapet walls from the ground up, making sure that the design and specifications match those of the structure. Additionally, we are able to fix any structural flaws, damage, or cracks to preserve the integrity of existing parapet walls.

We employ a thorough procedure when it comes to stucco restoration in order to solve any problems and restore the stunning appearance of your walls. Our knowledgeable contractor gets things started by carefully evaluating the affected regions, gauging the damage’s scope, and pinpointing the root causes.

We move forward with the required planning once we have a thorough grasp of the repair requirements. To ensure a clean and secure foundation for the restoration process, this involves washing the damaged surface and removing any loose or degraded stucco.

Are you looking for stucco installation in Colorado Springs? We do it all!

Stucco Siding Installation

A frequent question that comes up is if we are able to put stucco on existing siding. The answer, is on a case by case basis. If siding is already installed you cant really just plaster stucco over it…at all. Stucco needs something to grip onto, when it is installed there is a bond that is formed, this is what allows it to “cling on” to the surface. This bonding effect is also what creates the hard out shell that also contributes to the finish. The siding will need to come off in order to address in existing problems, you don’t want to stucco over things like cracks and or problems contributing from foundational issues. Most of the time those types of problems are rare if your home is in good condition. There are very few cases where you can overlay stucco on certain types of siding surfaces.

Stucco Walls

Both interior and exterior walls can benefit from stucco construction. Stucco walls are built of bricks or cinder blocks bound together with stucco instead of traditional wooden walls, which allows them to support more weight. During building, contractors will decide whether a wall needs to support more weight. These types of walls are applied to residential residences, despite the fact that they are more frequently seen on commercial buildings. Commercial buildings frequently employ both for internal and exterior. Even if there is a fracture in the exposed brick, repairing stucco walls is comparatively simple and affordable. 

Stucco Painters

If you already have stucco walls around your house and you want a new fresh look, painting the exterior can give your home the new look you want. The cost of painting is significantly less than resurfacing or changing your home to a different finish. You can also pick almost any color to paint, although the cost may vary depending on how exotic the color you choose is.

Our painters are incredibly skilled and experienced with other services as well. This means that if you hire our company we can usually get out and see it same day or at the latest the next day, and get you an estimate quickly.

Why Use Stucco in Colorado Springs?

One material that frequently comes to mind when thinking about a stunning and long-lasting architectural finish in Colorado Springs is stucco. Not only does stucco have a timeless elegance and presence, but it’s also surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider how resilient and long-lasting it is. Due to their adaptability, stucco and plaster can replicate other materials at a lower cost. For example, Venetian plaster can be used as an affordable substitute for pricey carved marble. Please feel free to get a free quote from us if you’re interested in boosting the classic beauty and value of your property.

Made of Portland cement, lime, sand, and water, stucco has a number of remarkable qualities. It requires little upkeep, has fire resistance, insulates, and provides protection. Furthermore, because stucco is breathable, it permits appropriate airflow, promoting a healthy home atmosphere. Stucco cures over time to produce a very long-lasting finish that can endure for more than 50 years. Amazingly, stuccoed ancient buildings from civilizations like Rome, Greece, and Egypt have withstood the test of time, with their stucco finishes surviving for countless years.

You can choose from an endless array of colors, textures, patterns, finishes, and hues when it comes to stucco. Our skilled artisans can provide a vast range of ornamental options customized to your project’s specifications. In addition to providing you with a free estimate, we’ll make recommendations regarding the best kind of plaster or stucco—traditional, acrylic, elastomeric, or synthetic—for your particular project.

We recognize that you would prefer to be outside taking in Colorado’s natural beauty than to be continuously taking care of your home’s exterior. For this reason, stucco is a sensible material for people in Colorado. It needs very little maintenance; a yearly cleaning with a mild pressure wash is recommended. It is recommended to apply a sealant every 4-5 years. With the exception of sporadic inspections, which are especially important following extreme weather or during the spring thaw, your stucco ought to last for many years.

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