Lets talk about how to hang Christmas lights on stucco surface.

Adorning your residence with festive Christmas lights is a cherished holiday custom. Yet, if your home boasts a stucco exterior, you may be concerned about preserving the surface while illuminating it with these twinkling decorations. The good news is there are various reliable methods to ensure your house looks merry and bright this holiday season without causing harm to your stucco siding. The expert stucco contractors from Titan Stucco in Phoenix have outlined these various approaches, such as utilizing hot glue, double-sided tape, plastic roof clips, and adhesive light clips, to assist you in crafting a stunning and safe display on your stucco-clad home.

Apply Hot Glue

Hot glue proves to be a highly effective approach for affixing lights and various decorations to stucco siding due to its strong bond with the cement-based surface. However, it’s essential to be aware that when dealing with painted stucco homes, the heat and adhesive properties of hot glue could potentially lead to paint chipping. In such cases, it might be prudent to investigate alternative attachment methods. When it’s time to take down the decorations at the end of the season, a heat gun can come in handy for effortlessly melting and removing any residual hot glue from your home.

Implementing the hot glue technique involves a straightforward series of steps:

Make small holes in plaster

Prior to employing hot glue, it’s advisable to get your stucco surface ready by creating small perforations in the plaster. These tiny holes serve as supplementary anchor points for the glue, guaranteeing a secure and steadfast placement of your lights.

Inspect the plaster for the presence of Styrofoam.

It’s crucial to be aware that certain stucco walls have a layer of Styrofoam beneath the plaster. If your stucco features this Styrofoam layer, exercise additional care when using hot glue, as excessive heat can lead to the melting or deformation of the foam. In such situations, it’s advisable to consider alternative attachment methods.

Install Lights

After you’ve readied the surface and confirmed that hot glue is a viable choice, you can begin affixing your Christmas lights. Apply a modest quantity of hot glue to the rear of each light socket and firmly press it against the stucco surface.

Administer a bead of glue onto the bulb socket.

For added stability, think about putting a ring of glue around the bottom of each light bulb socket. This method enhances the lights’ grip and keeps them securely attached, even when it’s windy. When applying glue to each light bulb socket, it might be a good idea to remove the bulbs temporarily and then reattach them after gluing to prevent any potential breakage.

Utilize double-sided tape.

Another straightforward approach for affixing holiday lights to a stucco residence is employing double-sided tape. When opting for this method, make certain to use outdoor-rated double-sided tape to guarantee your lights remain securely in place, enduring various weather conditions like rain or snow. This procedure is quite effortless and only necessitates a ladder and scissors, in addition to the outdoor-rated double-sided tape. The process of putting up lights with tape can be accomplished by following these steps:

Clean the Surface

Prior to affixing lights using double-sided tape, it’s essential to meticulously clean the stucco surface to eliminate any dust, dirt, or debris. This preparatory step enhances the tape’s adherence. You can achieve this by using a solution of bleach and water or a mixture of Borax with warm water and dish soap to clean the stucco surface, ensuring that all contaminants are removed. Since stucco is porous, it’s crucial to allow sufficient time for the siding to dry thoroughly before applying the double-sided tape, as any residual moisture could compromise the tape’s ability to adhere effectively.

Attach the double sided tape to your surface

To secure the lights effectively on the stucco surface, it’s recommended to attach double-sided tape to the rear of each light socket. The most reliable method is to apply the tape directly to the light socket itself. To do this, cut a 1-inch length of double-sided tape from the roll, leaving the protective film intact on one side of the tape. Press the tape firmly onto the back of each light socket, ensuring it adheres securely and feels stable.

Use Plastic Roof Clips

Plastic roof clips offer an alternative for exterior light installation on your home, and they are an excellent choice if you prefer not to use any adhesive substances on your stucco siding. You can affix these roof clips to your roofing material or gutters, depending on the specific type of clip you acquire. These clips expedite the installation process and alleviate concerns about potential damage or heat-related issues associated with hot glue or adhesive materials like double-sided tape.

You can also use:

  • Screw hooks
  • Zipties
  • Adhesive light clips

The goal is not not damage the stucco, so any not abrasive method will do just fine. Good luck and happy hanging!

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